The innovative dry-steam cleaning system

Powerful, versatile, efficient!

Thermostar stands for a true revolution in private and professional cleaning: This high-performance dry-steam appliance ensures maximum cleanliness and perfect hygiene – without any chemicals! Clean your home, your car or terrace as thoroughly, effortlessly and environmentally friendly as never before. Cleaning was yesterday – today belongs to Thermostar!

Innovative technology for perfect cleanliness and the highest possible level of comfort

Thermostar is among the world’s state-of-the-art cleaning systems. A true all-rounder, Thermostar offers a wide range of truly convincing benefits:

  • Maximum cleanliness in the shortest possible time
  • Powerful, environmentally friendly cleaning without chemical cleaning agents or additives
  • Hot steam power removes even the most stubborn dirt in a matter of seconds
  • 6-bar permanent steam pressure with the lowest possible water consumption (approx. 1 litre for cleaning a whole house from top to bottom)
  • Includes a comprehensive range of accessories
  • Extremely versatile, may be used in a wide range of applications both inside and outside your home
  • Permits long-term operation over several hours without the necessity for refills
  • Extremely high quality with lifelong repair guarantee

Welcome to your specialist Thermostar dealer!

Customised advice is an essential element of the Thermostar service. As a specialist Thermostar dealer, we consider it a particularly important part of our job to demonstrate the many different uses of the device in person. We believe that the results produced by the Thermostar right in front of you speak for themselves! Get in touch to make an appointment to suit your schedule: Contact